Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation in Urbana, OH

If you’ve sustained an injury on the job you need to speak to the experts at Donay Chiropractic Life and Wellness Clinic right away! Immediate consultation can ensure that all of your injuries are diagnosed and documented to their full extent for your worker’s compensation claim. If you are hurt at work due to a slip, fall, strain, or physical injury of any kind, we encourage you to book a consultation with our team!

Why Chiropractic Therapy for Work Injuries?

Chiropractic treatment has well-documented high patient satisfaction rates among injured workers while being one of the most clinically and cost-effective methods of treating many work-related injuries. Our team is expertly trained in recognizing and diagnosing injuries and performing comprehensive diagnostic tests to ensure that your condition is accurately documented!

Catching an injury early on can directly influence its potential to heal completely, otherwise, it may be allowed to progress into a chronic and lasting condition. Our team utilizes therapeutic methods that enable recovery and offer the potential to avoid surgery.

A chiropractor can submit assessment information to the WCB for review and determine if your claim has been accepted.

Trust Donay Chiropractic for Your Workers Compensation Claim!

If you have been injured in the workplace or on the job, call the professionals at Donay Chiropractic Life and Wellness Clinic today! We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your condition to get you the best treatment and help you build a case for your claim! Call or book a consultation online today!


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