I am very grateful to the staff at Dr. Donay’s office. I came to them on a Thursday afternoon walking with crutches. Between the office treatments and recommended icing and heat regimen at home i was walking with very little discomfort by Sunday afternoon. Sn amazing amount of progress after just two visits. Definitely found my new chiropractor. Special thanks to Dr. Kayatin for thinking outside the box regarding my needs.

I first come to the office about a year ago. I had a sharp pain in my lower back that increased everytime i bent over or twisted. It was like this for a year or more, but over time it got worse. Since I’ve been coming to Donay Life and wellness center i have experienced little to no pain. I can play sports and bend down to pick up my nephews without experiencing shooting pain in my back. No matter your condition or how old you are, you should get your back checked out

Before i started coming to Dr. Donay, I used to take anywhere from 6 to 8 aspirin a day. THis was a daily habitat. for at least 10 years or more. I used to wake up every morning with a headache and it was a constant throbbing through out the day. Now i wake up with no headaches and i feel so much better. I was so amazed at change. If i had known this was going to cure my headaches i would have come to Dr. Donay along time ago. Thank you all!

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