Ken L.

I came to Dr. Donay originally due to lower back pain and lack of mobility. I received results immediately upon treatment. The first thing I received was a comprehensive explanation for my condition and an effective long-term treatment option. The next thing I received was relief from my lower back pain and increased mobility everywhere- immediately after my first treatment. But my benefits didn't end there. Dr. Donay prescribed a regiment of exercises and a long range care plan to insure my future lack of pain and increased mobility. Dr. Donay has also arranged his business in a manner that makes accesses to care affordable to everyone regardless of income or insurance. I can tell the he genuinely cares about and is vested in the well being of his patients as well as in the science of chiropractic medicine. Most of all, I received a better quality of life as a result of visiting the Donay Life & Wellness Center. I have no reason to go anywhere else and have been able to delete many prescriptions that came with debilitating side effects. I'll never regret visiting the Donay Life & Wellness Center and I plan to continue to do so for many years.

Written by Invigo