5 Reasons to Choose a Chiropractor

You have been hurting lately .. a lot. It was manageable at first, but now even getting out of bed is starting to become a pain—no pun intended. You’ve started to dread the things you used to love, and finally, your pain has hit a ceiling and you just can’t take it anymore.

Your mind is made up: you’re going to go to a specialist.

Who Can Help with This Pain?

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about chiropractors, but aren’t sure if they can help. If you’re still on the fence, here are 5 reasons why a visit to the chiropractor should be in your treatment plan.

1. Chiropractors specialize in minimally invasive treatment options

As an alternative to invasive procedures such as surgery, chiropractic care is worth looking into. Many people opt for surgery or other invasive procedures to remedy their pain, not realizing that there are less severe options available.

When you choose less invasive treatment options, you drastically reduce your recovery time and can get back to your regular routine quicker.

2. Chiropractic care can help strengthen the immune system

There is evidence to support the theory that chiropractic treatment can boost the immune system, as the nervous system and immune system are so interlinked, it’s believed if you tweak one then you tweak the other!

In fact, a series of studies published by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed that several types of immune system cells showed increased biological activity after a chiropractic adjustment.

3. Chiropractors don’t prescribe medication

Many people choose to see a chiropractor as an alternative to taking pain relief medication, and the inevitable side effects that can occur.

Instead of treating the symptoms like pain relief medication does, a chiropractor aims to get to the root of the problem, to help you better manage your condition, putting together a treatment plan to help you get back on track.

4. Chiropractic techniques can help you sleep better

Chiropractic treatment and manipulation therapies used are believed to help improve blood flow in patients, which is essential for great sleep.

Chiropractors also focus on correcting misalignments or subluxations in the spine. These subluxations lead to a process called stress response which puts the body out of balance and does not let the body rest.

5. Chiropractic care can address the root of the problem

Finally, chiropractic care can be a shortcut to a clearer, most concise path to wellness for people experiencing back or neck pain. As mentioned earlier, chiropractic care is a great way to explore treatment options that don’t require medication and treat the pain at the source.

What Can You Expect from a Chiropractic Session at Donay Chiropractic Life & Wellness

Your initial visit will include a comprehensive consultation and diagnostic to better understand the full scope of your condition. Once the problem area has been located and defined, an effective therapy protocol can be created to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions about chiropractic therapy or would like to book a consultation to have your pain and discomfort diagnosed, reach out to the specialists at Donay Chiropractic Life and Wellness Center in Urbana, Ohio!

Written by invigo